Huatao Knowing the largest production base, specialize in the production, research export and development of professional geosynthetics. is committed to providing superior quality products & professional services for both end users and contractors in the field of Geosynthetics, also contribute to environmental protection.

Our main products include short fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile, continuous filament spunbonded nonwoven geotextile, woven geotextile, HDPE geomembrane, LLDPE geomembrane, PVC waterproof membrane, fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid, geonets, geocell, gabion, Drainage Material, geocomposites, etc.

The cooperated factory have whole set of precise testing instruments and produce equipments imported from abroad, as well as excellent researching team, which enhance our competitive ability in global market. By the advantages resource , we are becoming more and more successful in the development of the global market. And we have long term cooperating clients all over the world, such as Qatar, , Middle East, South-east Asia, Europe ,Australia etc.



Huatao has been in the line of Geosynthetics for over three decades, and has cooperated with the biggest names in the water, landfill and road sector.  We have staff with a diverse mix of technical and professional skills, our sales teams give suggestions on the best use of geosynthetic products. Contact with us means” NO Warries”.


Our specialist laboratories carry out Quality Assurance testing and research,  Huatao quality and environmental management systems are certified ISO 9001 and CE. Every order need to pass our own quality test there will be a test report accordingly. We are also have the ability to make third party reasearch, such as SGS.  So you can be confident you will get superior results.


Huatao’s business model, its rigor, its partners and its locations, enable the company to be one of the most competitive suppliers on the global market.