Since 2008, Huatao has been export the LLDPE Geomembrane that meets or exceeds the GRI GM-17 specification, which are recognized as the worldwide standard for containment with LLDPE geomembranes.

LLDPE geomembrane have become increasingly popular in recent years, While being a little less resistant to mechanical and chemical stress than HDPE liners of the same thickness, they still offer good chemical and mechanical resistance,The main attribute of LLDPE making it more and more popular is its high flexibility allowing the liner to drape around any protrusions and imperfections of the existing terrain much better than with the stiffer HDPE geomembrane,Its different molecular structure makes it less brittle at low temperature, This allows for an improved stress crack resistance and a an easier weldability in col weather conditions.

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Data Sheet

LLDPE Smooth
LLDPE Single Sided Textured
LLDPE Double
Side Textured