Flat Yarn Woven Geotextile

Flat Yarn Woven Geotextile made from PP or PE flit yarn on circle weave machine.

It has a high strength with low elongation and light weight. Also has reinforcement, separation, drainage and filtration function.

The ultimate tensile strength of polyester geotextile can be reached over 1000kN/m for uni-axial strength and up to 300kN/m x 300kN/m for bi-axial strength.
The ultimate tensile strength of uni-axial strength can reach to 650kN/m and up to 300kN/m for bi-axial strength. For requirement of durability and UV resistance, the product has small opening size and high permittivity, while providing the function of filtration and separation which no longer need to use nonwoven geotextile.

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