Polypropylene spun-bonded nonwoven fabric performances

(1)The density of polypropylene is small, only 0.91 g/m3 (polyester is 1.38 g/m3), so the polypropylene geotextile compared with polyester geotextile under the same strength has a larger coverage.

(2)The special structure of polypropylene makes it have good acid and alkali resistant properties, especially the alkali resistance is better than polyester. When  do the protection,strengthen, waterproof and seepage control projects under strong acid and alkaline soil underground its effect is better than polyester.

(3)Polypropylene fiber surface friction coefficient is small and the friction between fiber is small. It has good wear resistanceand its seismic friction performance is far better than polyester.

(4)Polypropylene has good hydrophobic polypropylene, not bibulous,when it applied in water supply and drainage engineering is better than that of polyester.

(5)Polypropylene fiber acupuncture geotextile strength is higher than polyester nonwoven fabric of the same gram weight,with equal longitudinal and transverse strength.

(6)The Polypropylene geotextile that our company produced,can implement different denier polypropylene nonwovens composite, with better filtering effect.

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Typical application areas include:

  • Subgrade Stabilization
  • Subsoil Drainage
  • Hydraulic Filtration
  • Paved and unpaved roads, road platforms
  • Land Reclamations
  • Railway Formations
  • Landscaping and Building Works
  • Puncture Protection